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axial fan ac merk EbmPapst model A4E350-AN02-01
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28 Nov 2017
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Specification of

Technical description
Weight     3.3 kg
Fan size     350 mm
Rotor surface     Painted black
Blade material     Press-fitted sheet steel blank, sprayed with PP plastic
Number of blades     5
Airflow direction     "V"
Direction of rotation     Counterclockwise, viewed toward rotor
Degree of protection     IP44 / installation- and position-dependent as per EN 60034-5
Insulation class     "F"
Moisture (F) / Environmental (H) protection class     H0+
Max. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage)     + 80 °C
Min. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage)     - 40 °C
Installation position     Shaft horizontal or rotor on bottom; rotor on top on request
Condensation drainage holes     On rotor side
Mode     S1
Motor bearing     Ball bearing
Touch current according to IEC 60990 (measuring circuit Fig. 4, TN system)     < 0,75 mA
Motor protection     Thermal overload protector (TOP) internally connected
with cable     Variable
Protection class     I (with customer connection of protective earth)
Conformity with standards     EN 60335-1 / CE
Approval     EAC / CCC

HVAC System

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