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kompressor copeland scroll model zr81kc-tfd-522 ( 7pk )
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Sell kompressor copeland scroll model zr81kc-tfd-522 ( 7pk )

Specification of kompressor copeland scroll model zr81kc-tfd-522 ( 7pk )

HCFC, R-22, Mid Point, 50 Hz, 3 - Phase, 380/420 V
Air Conditioning
Production Status: Available for sale to all U.S. customers. Please check with your local Emerson Climate Technologies representative
for international availability.

Evap(°F)/Cond(°F): 45/130     45/100
RG(°F)/Liq(°F): 65/115     65/85
Capacity (Btu/hr): 68000     79500
Power (Watts): 5810     4140
Current (Amps): 10.5    8.8
EER (Btu/Wh): 11.7    19.2
Mass Flow (lbs/hr): 995.0    1020.0
Sound Power(dBA): 72 Ave     77 Max
Vibration (mils(peak-peak)): 2.0 Ave     3.0 Max

Record Date: 2002-11-15

Number of Cylinders:0
Bore Size (in):0.0
Stroke (in):0.0
Displ (in^3/Rev): 6.577
Displ (ft^3/hr): 662.2644
Overall Length (in): 9.48
Overall Width (in): 9.71
Overall Height (in): 17.955
Mounting Height (in): 7.5
Mounting Width(in): 7.5
Mounting Length (in): 18.205*
Suction Size (in): 7/8 Stub
Discharge Size (in): 3/4 Stub
Initial Oil Charge (oz): 60
Oil Recharge (oz): 56
Net Weight (lbs): 86.0
Internal Free Volume (in^3): 258.0
Overall compressor height on Copeland Brand Product's specified
mounting grommets.

LRA-High*: 101.0
LRA-Half Winding:
LRA-Low*: 90.5
MCC (Amps): 17.0
RPM: 2900
Max Operating Current: 15.0
UL File No.: SA-2337
UL File Date: 26-Jul-1993
CSA File No.: LR3104C
RLA(=MCC/1.4; use for contactor selection): 12.1
RLA (=MCC/1.56; use for breaker & wire size selection): 10.9
*Low and High refer to the low and high nominal voltage ranges for which the motor is approved.

Alternate Applications
Refrigerant : R-22 HCFC
Frequency(Hz): 60
Voltage: 460
Application: Air Conditioning

Kompresor AC


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