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Leak Detectors
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Specification of Leak Detectors

    Microprocessor controlled unit and
    state of the art microelectronics
    Detects all halogenated refrigerants
    Certified to SAE J1627 standard
    Two sensitivity levels using a doubleclick
    computer mouse action
    Automatic shut-off after extended
    period of non-use to preserve battery life
    Prevents incorrect readings by providing
    visual and audible warning followed
    by an automating shut-off when
    battery reaches a critical level
    Additional replacement sensor included
    inside the battery compartment
    In a sturdy plastic case

Technical Data:
Battery lifetime:      40 hours
Sensitivity:      less than 3g / year (0.1oz/year)
Sensor lifetime:      approx. 30 hours
Operating temperature:      0°C to 50°C
Warm up time:      less than 2 seconds
Response time:      instantaneous
Reset time:      instantaneous
Probe length:      30 cm

Detektor Kebocoran Freon

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